The April Releases are here!


Click on the image above to go through to the April Releases Intro Video from CMON’s Miniatures Brand Manager, Bryan Steele.

It’s that time again, we can finally unleash the New Releases for April. Our apologies for the delay on getting these to you, but our recent warehouse move impacted quite a few things along the way. Check out the Executioners and the Shadow-veils in our webstore by clicking on their names in the descriptions below AND scroll down for the  Nasier vs Shael Han Battle Report!


WOK05012    Goritsi Moonclave Executioners – $30.00


Hailing from the Moonclave sept from the far northern parts of Telloria, the Executioners are masters of finishing off foes already wounded by others on their army. Armed with hooked chains for dragging in their victims, the Executioners polish them off with massive cleavers just perfect for removing heads.


  • Highly detailed plastic miniatures.
  • Moonclave Executioners are Rank 1 Specialists that would make a great addition to any Goritsi army.
  • Most of the Moonclave Executioners’ special rules are focused on attacks against damaged opponents, so the ideal place for them is following along behind a pack of Skorza Skirmishers. Attack first with the Skirmishers, and then disengage and move on. Sweep in with the cleaver-wielding Executioner to take down those wounded Leaders, Rank 2 Infantry, and Specialists.


Box contains: two (2) Moonclave Executioner models, two (2) 50mm bases, and one (1) Wrath of Kings unit card.


WOK01014    Nasier Sarvoth Shadow-Veils – $15.00


The Sarvoth Shadow-Veil masks, made by the Sarvoth temple in Qel Sallum, are relatively new and quite rare. Despite this rarity, they have been hailed for the incredibly high success rate for bonding with applicants. The masks not only strengthen the warriors and improve their stamina, but they also confer the ability to cast minor illusions, such as distractions that allow the Shadow-Veils to step away from engagements and strike for other angles.


  • Highly detailed plastic miniatures.
  • Sarvoth Shadow-Veils are Rank 1 Specialists that would make a great addition to any Nasier army.
  • The Sarvoth Shadow-Veils are best used as escorts for high-value leaders and those attempting to strike deep behind enemy lines..


Box contains: two (2) Sarvoth Shadow-Veil models, two (2) 40mm bases, and one (1) Wrath of Kings unit card.

April Wrath of Kings Battle Report – Nasier vs Shael Han

We are proud to present our first Wrath of Kings battle report in quite a while! Bryan and Dave throw down with some Celestial Host against Pelegarth action in this (somewhat lengthy) game. Click on the image below to check it out.



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