Teknes are the future.

Only they understand that the Ancient King failed; He freed humanity from elemental servitude only to see them willing submit to aloof celestial gods. No more. House Teknes will use their strange magics and powerful machinery to truly free humanity, whatever the cost.

Teknes himself cared more for craftsmanship than people, but he built a kingdom as efficient as the most intricate clockwork. Rich resources and clever people made his nation of Felskar an industrial powerhouse, but the people had nothing to strive for save petty wealth and the whims of distant gods.

All that began to change when House Teknes uncovered their founder’s long-lost laboratory and discovered his final notes, which described his father’s failure and his own vision for success. Popular revolutions inspired by this philosophy of the human swept away the old, corrupt order and installed dedicated citizens to run the nation.

Now, these masters of steam and steel have re-forged their nation and gained a new purpose. A fire burns within them as hot as the boilers of their machines. They have seen what humanity can be once free, and they will free their brethren at any cost.




Teknes Play Style:

The armies of Teknes are some of the most well rounded troops. They are able to move from a defensive posture to attack in the blink of an eye. Both the Union Workers and Defender Linemen punish their enemies for attacking them. Their specialists and characters often employ lightning and magical wards to bolster their own defensive lines. No army attacks Teknes battle lines without expecting heavy casualties.


Stat Cards