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The CMON Expo 2017 Alternate Leader Promo Cards!

This past weekend, at CMON Expo 2017. We included a small pack of cards in every swag bag. This was intended as a fun, bonus thing for our attendees, and you have all been very excited to get your hands on them. Well, we now have the downloadable PDF ready to go for everyone around the world to enjoy.

Please note: these cards were put together after quite a bit of discussion, but only a minimum of playtesting, so we do not recommend them for use in competitive play. They really are another way to play with the models you already have, so have fun!

To download them, please go to the Downloads dropdown menu at the top of this page and click on the Promotional Cards tab.

Delays on our May Releases.


Despite what the wings might suggest, the containers holding our May releases (Union Bombardiers and Hadross Characters) have been delayed. We’ve only just learned that the quantity of boxes in currently in our warehouse would not cover distribution to all of our retailers and distributors, so we have decided to delay the webstore release of these sets too. We have more boxes incoming, and will make an announcement as soon as we have information about how we can get them to everyone at the same time.

Our apologies for this delay.
The Wrath of Kings Team


Wrath of Kings Battle Report – Hadross vs Teknes


Typically we would release Battle reports on New Release Day (which, for May, will occur in a few weeks). We have recently been talking about this schedule and we felt that perhaps you’d like to see them a few days earlier.

In this report, Bryan takes his House Hadross force up against Dave running House Teknes. We’ve made sure that the new releases (Sylla and Voth for Hadross and the Union Bombardiers for Teknes) are front and center, so you can see them in action.

Click on the image above to take you to the report. We hope you enjoy it.

The April Releases are here!


Click on the image above to go through to the April Releases Intro Video from CMON’s Miniatures Brand Manager, Bryan Steele.

It’s that time again, we can finally unleash the New Releases for April. Our apologies for the delay on getting these to you, but our recent warehouse move impacted quite a few things along the way. Check out the Executioners and the Shadow-veils in our webstore by clicking on their names in the descriptions below AND scroll down for the  Nasier vs Shael Han Battle Report!


WOK05012    Goritsi Moonclave Executioners – $30.00


Hailing from the Moonclave sept from the far northern parts of Telloria, the Executioners are masters of finishing off foes already wounded by others on their army. Armed with hooked chains for dragging in their victims, the Executioners polish them off with massive cleavers just perfect for removing heads.


  • Highly detailed plastic miniatures.
  • Moonclave Executioners are Rank 1 Specialists that would make a great addition to any Goritsi army.
  • Most of the Moonclave Executioners’ special rules are focused on attacks against damaged opponents, so the ideal place for them is following along behind a pack of Skorza Skirmishers. Attack first with the Skirmishers, and then disengage and move on. Sweep in with the cleaver-wielding Executioner to take down those wounded Leaders, Rank 2 Infantry, and Specialists.


Box contains: two (2) Moonclave Executioner models, two (2) 50mm bases, and one (1) Wrath of Kings unit card.


WOK01014    Nasier Sarvoth Shadow-Veils – $15.00


The Sarvoth Shadow-Veil masks, made by the Sarvoth temple in Qel Sallum, are relatively new and quite rare. Despite this rarity, they have been hailed for the incredibly high success rate for bonding with applicants. The masks not only strengthen the warriors and improve their stamina, but they also confer the ability to cast minor illusions, such as distractions that allow the Shadow-Veils to step away from engagements and strike for other angles.


  • Highly detailed plastic miniatures.
  • Sarvoth Shadow-Veils are Rank 1 Specialists that would make a great addition to any Nasier army.
  • The Sarvoth Shadow-Veils are best used as escorts for high-value leaders and those attempting to strike deep behind enemy lines..


Box contains: two (2) Sarvoth Shadow-Veil models, two (2) 40mm bases, and one (1) Wrath of Kings unit card.

April Wrath of Kings Battle Report – Nasier vs Shael Han

We are proud to present our first Wrath of Kings battle report in quite a while! Bryan and Dave throw down with some Celestial Host against Pelegarth action in this (somewhat lengthy) game. Click on the image below to check it out.



April Releases are coming…


Originally we had hoped to unleash our April releases last Friday, but with the warehouse move finally settling down, and various changes at our new facility being ironed out, we felt it would be better to wait another week.

So, here you go. This Friday we’ll be releasing the Goritsi Moonclave Executioners (above – $30 a box) and the Nasier Sarvoth Shadow-veils (below – $15 a box). We’ll also have a new Wrath of Kings battle report that pits House Nasier (run by Dave Taylor) against House Shael Han (run by Bryan Steele). We hope you enjoy it.


In the coming months we have something for the other Houses, including possibly our all-time favorites, the Union Bombardiers!

Bombardiers HadrossCharacters3 ShaelHanCharacters3

Keep an eye out on Friday for the release details and links etc. Until then, happy gaming!

Battle of Ravenwood – The table for CMON Expo!


With CMON Expo just a month away, we wanted to show you something that those attending will get to play on if they choose to join in the Battle of Ravenwood feature game. We first tested this special scenario (designed by Bobby Limoyggio) out at AdeptiCon on a mat with various terrain features like buildings and woods, but at CMON expo, you’ll get to play on the awesome table designed by Rob Hawkins (check out his wonderful blog HERE). Rob used a variety of pieces to accomplish this build, including some of the Ruins of Daldorr castle sections from our friends at 4Ground, and gravestones from Rob’s own range of gothic terrain pieces.

The table represents a slice of Telloria, home of House Goritsi. The forces of House Nasier have landed on the north coast of Telloria and are pushing inland. They are stopped outside a ruined castle by a combined force of werewolves, vampires, and hired swords. We are very excited to see how the game plays out on this brand new surface!


Additionally, Dave Taylor has been rounding out some of the Goritsi forces for the battle, including adding Duke Anton here.

ADEPTICON – What a blur!

Over the weekend of March 23-26, we were rushed off our feet at AdeptiCon (in Schaumburg, Illinois). There was so much going on, and our booth was incredibly busy the entire time. Lots of people excited to expand their existing forces, and many more finding out about Wrath of Kings for the vey first time. The most popular boxed set was obviously the Celestial Host, not many could resist the lure of two huge elephant models.

Anyway, as well as the busy booth, we also had several events running for Wrath of Kings. We ran two “Build & Plays”, where people new to the game can purchase a Faction Starter Set, sit down with other people new to the game and assemble their models and the play some games in a friendly, learning environment. These events were both filled with enthusiastic gamers!

17498425_10208017336622482_240845726995670767_n 17522798_10208017336422477_3676480135315132758_n 17522935_10208017336582481_7746950901708530231_n 17554022_10208017336502479_4919337499887305433_n

We also ran two Skirmish-level tournaments, and had over 16 players in each. Above are some photos courtesy of Barrett Brooks. He had a lot of fun with his Hadross force, and will be the team lead for Wrath of Kings later this year at the NOVA Open event!

And finally, we had a great event game, the first of it’s kind that we have messed around with, written and run by Wrath of Kings veteran Bobby Limmoggio – The Battle of Ravenwood. Two veterans and two new players teamed up to play in this big clash of arms. House Nasier and House Goritsi fought it out and in the end, Nasier won the day by the narrowest of margins. Thanks to Bobby for organizing the game, Chris Weinstein fore the use of some of his Goritsi models, and to Bobby again for these photos.

20170324_184113 20170324_191448 20170324_191522 20170324_191548 20170324_192955 20170324_192959 20170324_193413 20170324_205005

We would like to give our thanks to everyone who played in our events, or even just stopped by the booth over the weekend. We are very grateful for your support, and look forward to more wonderful Wrath of Kings over the next year!



We are VERY excited to be able to announce that we now have a UK distributor again!

As of yesterday afternoon we completed a deal with DiaCash UK to start to bring Wrath of Kings back into the UK. Obviously this doesn’t mean that the latest products will start appearing on the walls of your local gaming stores by the weekend, and there’ll be a process to go through to get to that stage, but this is the first and biggest hurdle to overcome.

So, if you live in the UK and would like see Wrath of Kings product carried by your local gaming store, then have them contact Paul Scott of DiaCash UK at [email protected]

We are looking forward to working with DiaCash again, and putting together a bundle support for the UK Nationals coming up at the end of May!

The Wrath of Kings team

The March Releases Have Arrived!

WOK02011 - Hadross - Neritic Horror

We are very excited to present the latest in Wrath of Kings greatness – the March releases! You can find them in the webstore by clicking on their titles in this post.

WOK02011   Hadross Neritic Horrors (2) – $35.00


The so-called ‘Neritic Horror’ is best described as a carnivorous, ambulatory, coral reef. Indeed, the ‘creature’ isn’t a single entity, but rather a microcosm consisting of hundreds and hundreds of living and growing corals. Not only is the shambling collection of corals razor sharp at all extremities, it can let out a screech to stun weak-minded foes and cripple those of stronger mental fortitude.


  • Highly detailed plastic miniatures
  • The Neritic Horrors are Rank 1 Specialists that would make a great addition to any Hadross army.
  • The Neritic Horrors are best deployed against enemy troops that already have low Will values. The Aura they project reduces enemy Will, leaving massed troops vulnerable to the Neritic Horror’s terrifying attack – the Abyssal Screech.


Boxed set contains: two (2) Neritic Horror models, two (2) 80mm base, and one (1) Wrath of Kings unit card.


WOK03009 - Shael Han - Celestial Host

WOK03009   Shael Han Celestial Host (7) – $50.00


For centuries the leaders of Shael Han have worked in concert with the many elemental forces flowing through Achrion. The Celestial Host are the ultimate manifestation of the agreements that have been struck, powerful Celestial spirits given corporeal form. From Monkey to Bear, from Snake to Elephant, there is a Celestial warrior for almost any task.


  • Highly detailed plastic miniatures
  • The Celestial Host is a mix of three different types of Rank 2 Infantry and a Rank 1 Leader for a Shael Han force.
  • The warriors of the Celestial Host can fulfill a variety of roles on the tabletop. The Avatars of the Serpent are fast, elusive, and can strike without warning, while the Avatars of the Elephant ponderous and powerful, dangerously immovable objects if you will. The Avatars of the Bear are ferocious missiles, able to tear through a formation of massed troops, and the Avatar of the Monkey stands ready to parry incoming blows and deliver magical attacks.


Boxed set contains: one (1) Avatar of the Monkey model, two (2) Avatar of the Serpent models, two (2) Avatar of the Bear models, two (2) Avatar of the Elephant models, one (1) 30mm base, four (4) 40mm bases, two (2) 50mm bases, and four (4) Wrath of Kings unit cards.

The March new releases are coming soon!


The New Releases continue for Wrath of Kings with these two excellent units – the Neritic Horrors for House Hadross (above) and the much-anticipated Celestial Host for House Shael Han (below). To hear a little bit more about these models, set to be released this coming Friday (March 10) you can check out this promo video from Bryan Steele!