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Wrath of Kings Miniatures Scale Comparisions

2c11a552c6e701f057418aeeed79e6a7_largeHi Everyone!

We had a few requests in the comments for pictures of the Wrath of Kings miniatures alongside figures from other lines, so we took some side-by-side photos for scale with miniatures from Sedition Wars, Dark Age, Gamezone, Soda Read more

Wrath of Kings: The Novel Electronic Edition!

rulebookAhoy, folks, I’m Eric Kelley, the head writer for Wrath of Kings. It is my great pleasure to present you with the electronic edition of the Wrath of Kings novel.

We’re doing something different that most games in how we present the background. Most books provide expository sections for factions,

Read more

Shael Han Resin Masters!

shael hanWe are moving steadily down the long lists of miniatures. Today, we have some of the resin masters for the Shael Han faction to Read more

Hadross Resin Masters Preview

hadrossLast time we showed you some Goritsi resin masters and the response was great!  I know many of the backers who favor Hadross wanted to see miniatures from that Read more

A few Goritsi resin masters!

gotsiWe just received some Goritsi resin masters! Here they are for your viewing pleasure!

You will notice that we have brand new War Dancers sculpts. That is because we decided that the original sculpts were just not good enough and we commissioned 3 new ones with better poses and detail. Read more

More Production Plastics!

more production plasticsHey Guys! We have another round of production plastics for Wrath of Kings. Most of them are variant infantry, regular Goritsi Werewolves and a couple of Werewolf leaders as well. Please note that these are not resin, but final plastic Read more