An epic fantasy miniatures war game set in a stunning world. Beautiful miniatures, great art and fast rules!


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Teknes vs Shael Han Battle Report

teknesWe’ve got a video battle report of a clash between Teknes and Shael Han forces. Check it out.

Wrath of Kings Painted Contest On CoolMiniOrNot

wokcontest2Now that you’ve got your Wrath of Kings minis, you gotta get some paint on them!

And if you need a little incentive, there’s a Wrath of Kings Painting Contest happening over on the CoolMiniOrNot website. Read more

Get Your Wrath of Kings Minis Now!

Wrath of Kings LogoYou can now get your Wrath of Kings miniatures over in the CoolMiniOrNot shop!

The Rulebook, the Faction Starters, and the first couple Trooper boxes and Specialist boxes are all available.
Go and get yours now! Read more