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Time for a feeding frenzy!

As our shipping department works like mad getting orders out the door… Here’s a look at some plastic Carcharian Frenzies and their leader, painted up for our Hadross demo force! They’re pretty nasty combatants. And they’re giant shark men. Read more

Technomantic Might for Teknes!

The C.A.G.E. (Combat Augmenting Galvanic Engine) is a suit of power armor that turns an ordinary man into a massive fighting machine. Here’s a look at a plastic (PVC and polystyrene) model painted up for our Teknes demo army.

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New Hadross and Teknes character photos!

This week we’d like to share with you two more rank 2 characters, painted up for us by Elizabeth Beckley.

Ephramaki the Deepcaller Lord is a powerful–and imposing!–addition to a Hadross force (he’s on a 40mm base, for reference).

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House Goritsi Updates

goritsiThis week we have two more Goritsi characters to share with you, beautifully painted up for us by Natalya Melnik (Alexi Z).

Gregorio Don Sissora, ambassador for Telloria, is one of the few male vampires in Arikania.

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The Twilight Knight Arrives in Arikania!

This week we have the painted studio version of Dame Allison, the Twilight Knight. This is a Kickstarter exclusive crossover with the world of Kingdom Death.

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New Shael Han Photos

Today we have photos of a freshly painted studio model, Madame Mui of House Shael Han. Known as the Jade Lotus, she fights with some rather remarkable claws.


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