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Arkazan Greatwing Preview

In Wrath of Kings, Resilience can very much mean the difference between keeping a figure on the field and having them taken off as a casualty. Sure, there are your wounds backing you up, but if you’ve got a good Resilience score, you might never have to worry about taking a wound. Well, in any good arms race, if there’s a good defense, there’s going to be an offense created to try and crack it. That’s where the Arkazan Greatwing comes in. It’s also what we get a preview of today. Read more »


Wrath of Kings’ Honor and Treachery 2-Player Starter Announced

The Honor and Treachery: Battle for Ravenwood 2-Player Starter Box includes models for the Goritsi and Naiser factions, a quick start rule set, terrain templates, and unit cards. This box was designed as an inexpensive way for two players to begin playing Wrath of Kings, learn the rules, and start building their own forces.


The Wrath of Kings: Honor and Treachery 2-Player Starter Box is set to release March 12th 2016 and will retail for $59.99.


Wrath of Kings Sneak Peek: Pack Master Kozakar

The Wrath of Kings Sneak Peeks continue with a look at the new Pack Master Kozakar for House Goritsi. Kozakar is a skilled huntsman, usually deploying far in advance of allied forces. Utilizing his unique tracking and pathfinding skills, he can lead other Goritsi units across the battlefield further and faster than they ever could alone. Pack Master Kozakar is an imposing presence on the battlefield, as you can see from his art and figure on an 80mm base, which includes his three pets.

Read more »

Gorbal Mini 1

Gorbal The Rampager Previewed

So people have asked, “Just what does the future hold for Wrath of Kings”?

Horrific monsters. Lots and lots of horrific monsters!

We’ll be previewing more upcoming items from our new wave of releases as time goes on, including sculpts, cards, and stories. Note that everything is subject to change, so go a head and tell us what you think!

So, our first preview to showcase: GORBAL THE RAMPAGER!

Wrath of Kings Logo

Wrath of Kings Gameplay Tutorial Video Posted

Sometimes just reading over a set of rules isn’t enough to really get how a game works. Occasionally, watching others play a game is what it takes to make the system “click” for you. Perhaps the way they explain a set of rules can help any lingering questions you might have. To help you out, we’ve made a Gameplay Tutorial Video. See how the basic game mechanics work by checking out this quick, introductory video.


New Unit Boxes Released

There’s a little something for everyone with this new set of releases over in the CMON Webshop. The new releases are available now to expand your forces and bring all of Arikania under your House’s control.

Nasier gets the new Fel Hammer box. Hadross gets the Carcharian box. Shael Han gets the Iron Lotus box. Teknes gets the Brood box. And Goritsi gets the Ravenscar box.

The Nasier, Hadross, and Teknes boxes come with 6 troopers and 2 leaders each. The Shael Han and Goritsi boxes come with 12 troopers and 2 leaders each.

You can go get yours now.
Check them out here.


Teknes vs Shael Han Battle Report

We’ve got a video battle report of a clash between Teknes and Shael Han forces. Check it out.


Wrath of Kings Painted Contest On CoolMiniOrNot

Now that you’ve got your Wrath of Kings minis, you gotta get some paint on them!

And if you need a little incentive, there’s a Wrath of Kings Painting Contest happening over on the CoolMiniOrNot website. Entries are being taken now through May 23, with the winners announced on June 1st. Grab your brushes and get painting!

From the contest announcement:

Wrath of Kings has hit retail shelves, and players are posting up their shiny new armies on social media. We think it’s time for an official Wrath of Kings painting competition!

Here’s a great chance to show off your nifty leader conversion, or an interestingly based unit. Maybe a vignette of your favorite characters from the story? We want to see your creativity and skills at work on this very fun range of models.

This competition begins Friday, April 10, 2015. Submissions will be accepted through Saturday, May 23, 2015. Winners will be announced on Monday, June 1.

To enter:

• You must be a registered CMoN user. Registration is free and there is no entry fee. You can set up an account here.
• Upload one photo per entry to your user gallery. Photos may be composites or collages to show multiple views of the mini.
• When entering information about the mini, select ‘CMoN Contest 30: Wrath of Kings’ under ‘Competition.’
• All entries must be uploaded to CMoN. No external links are accepted.


• Entries may be single figures, monsters, units, or dioramas.
• Focal miniatures (not terrain or accessory items) must be from the Wrath of Kings range. This includes plastic game models, limited edition resin models, and Wrath of Kings related Kickstarter exclusive models. Models may be stock or converted.
• Entry photos must not have appeared in CMoN user galleries prior to the beginning date of this contest. You may submit new photos of previously painted models.
• Each user may submit up to 3 entries.
• The user gallery must be created, and the photographs uploaded, by the person who painted the entry.
• Entries must be uploaded before midnight EST on Saturday, May 23, 2015.

Voting and Prizes:

• Winners will be determined by CMoN user voting. Each entry will be ranked on a scale of 1 to 10.
• Each user may vote on each entry only once. Subsequent votes from the same user account will not be factored into the final score.
• Only registered CMoN users may vote. Votes from unregistered users will not be factored into the final score.
• Voting will open Sunday, May 24, and close at midnight EST on Saturday, May 30.
• The three highest scored entries will be awarded first, second, and third place. Please note, while you may submit up to 3 entries, you are only eligible for one place award. Your highest scoring entry will receive the prize, and the next ranked place will go to the next highest scoring entry from another entrant.

• First place will receive $150 in CoolMiniOrNot store merchandise credit.
• Second place will receive $100 in CoolMiniOrNot store merchandise credit.
• Third place will receive $50 in CoolMiniOrNot store merchandise credit.
• Additionally, a special ‘Judges’ Pick’ award will be chosen by CMON studio painter Jen Haley and Wrath of Kings designer and developer Michael Shinall (CMoN’s Mr. Black). The winner will receive a copy of the very rare Kickstarter exclusive, the Wrath of Kings/Kingdom Death crossover Twilight Knight. All entries are eligible for this award.


Wrath of Kings Logo

Get Your Wrath of Kings Minis Now!

You can now get your Wrath of Kings miniatures over in the CoolMiniOrNot shop!

The Rulebook, the Faction Starters, and the first couple Trooper boxes and Specialist boxes are all available.
Go and get yours now!