An epic fantasy miniatures war game set in a stunning world. Beautiful miniatures, great art and fast rules!

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Welcome to the Big Apocalyptic Wrathful Smoke!

Wrath of Kings is collaborating  with Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke!

Princess Outis!

Princess Outis has been designed to fit into not just one  different world!
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Mercenary Spoilers! Plus Something New…

wok update

Backers! Mr. Black here with another fun Friday filled with some Wrath of Kings spoilers!

I have three to bring you today. You know the drill, so let’s get right down to it:

So what are “Mercenaries”?

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It’s Not Safe to Go in the Water…

wok update

Hello backers! Mr. Black here, and this time I’m bringing you a fishy update today…

Ok, we used up all the water and fish puns last time, and frankly I’m not a very punny person, so

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A Small Twilight Knight Update!

a58a107993eea5582705b8c1f0d11d28_largeWhile Mr. Black is busy preparing the big Hadross update, here is a little update on the Kingdom Death Twilight Knight crossover.

We just received pics from Adam, and she looks awesome! The grey putty is just there to hold Read more

Nasier Spoilers + Model Previews!

wok updateBackers! Mr. Black here, and I’ve brought you some lovely Nasier and Shael Han treats this Friday!

First up we have a Shael Read more

The Mother of All Updates!

red willowWell, I am just kidding of course. It is kind of hard to top Mr. Black’s last update, filled with some very exciting information about the new units. BUT… I do have a ton of production plastic pics AND Read more