New Releases Available For Hadross and Teknes


The winds of change are blowing, bringing with them new releases for the Teknes and Hadross factions. Down in the depths, the kraken has risen from the sea floor to attack those on land. Meanwhile, even the highly-unionized Teknes needs their leaders. Two new ones are making their way to the battlefield.


A new horror rises from the abyssal pits of House Hadross. The Immanid Kraken is a frenzied monster made of leathery tentacles, keratin spines, and a hunger as bottomless as the trenches it was spawned in.


General Yevrozov has risen over the past three decades to become one of the most famous generals in Felskar’s Glorious Revolutionary Army. Although the Union transformation has made it more and more difficult to speak, his porcine mouth filled with tusks, the general is perfectly suited to lead the incredibly unorthodox Union Bombardiers.

Molotok is a Hero of the People, and a former shipwright in the docks of Rensidaal. It is supposed that the electro-galvanic process used to harden ships’ hulls has affected Molotok’s physique and capabilities, capabilities that make him something of an immovable object.

There you have it. You can get these new releases in the CMON webshop.

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