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New Wrath of Kings Releases Now Available

Within each house, there’s the elite of the elite. They’re those regiments of soldiers that go above and beyond in training and equipment. When they hit the field, the enemy trembles. Nobody wants to see them across the battle lines. This month’s releases for Wrath of Kings gives House Goritsi and House Nasir each one […]


New Releases Available For Hadross and Teknes

The winds of change are blowing, bringing with them new releases for the Teknes and Hadross factions. Down in the depths, the kraken has risen from the sea floor to attack those on land. Meanwhile, even the highly-unionized Teknes needs their leaders. Two new ones are making their way to the battlefield.

Delays on our May Releases.

Despite what the wings might suggest, the containers holding our May releases (Union Bombardiers and Hadross Characters) have been delayed. We’ve only just learned that the quantity of boxes in currently in our warehouse would not cover distribution to all of our retailers and distributors, so we have decided to delay the webstore release of these […]

Wrath of Kings Battle Report – Hadross vs Teknes

Typically we would release Battle reports on New Release Day (which, for May, will occur in a few weeks). We have recently been talking about this schedule and we felt that perhaps you’d like to see them a few days earlier. In this report, Bryan takes his House Hadross force up against Dave running House […]

The April Releases are here!

Click on the image above to go through to the April Releases Intro Video from CMON’s Miniatures Brand Manager, Bryan Steele. It’s that time again, we can finally unleash the New Releases for April. Our apologies for the delay on getting these to you, but our recent warehouse move impacted quite a few things along […]

April Releases are coming…

Originally we had hoped to unleash our April releases last Friday, but with the warehouse move finally settling down, and various changes at our new facility being ironed out, we felt it would be better to wait another week. So, here you go. This Friday we’ll be releasing the Goritsi Moonclave Executioners (above – $30 […]


We are VERY excited to be able to announce that we now have a UK distributor again! As of yesterday afternoon we completed a deal with DiaCash UK to start to bring Wrath of Kings back into the UK. Obviously this doesn’t mean that the latest products will start appearing on the walls of your local […]

The March Releases Have Arrived!

We are very excited to present the latest in Wrath of Kings greatness – the March releases! You can find them in the webstore by clicking on their titles in this post. WOK02011   Hadross Neritic Horrors (2) – $35.00 Description The so-called ‘Neritic Horror’ is best described as a carnivorous, ambulatory, coral reef. Indeed, the […]

The March new releases are coming soon!

The New Releases continue for Wrath of Kings with these two excellent units – the Neritic Horrors for House Hadross (above) and the much-anticipated Celestial Host for House Shael Han (below). To hear a little bit more about these models, set to be released this coming Friday (March 10) you can check out this promo […]

The February Releases are here!

We promised you more, and now we’re delivering!  We have another two boxed sets for the factions of Arikania releasing today – the Character Box 3 for Nasier, and the Butchers box for Teknes. It is important to note that if you would like your local store to stock Wrath of Kings (or they already do […]