The Goritsi are the night.

Long ago, Scion King Goritsi hunted ancient monsters, but when treachery brought him low, he bargained away his humanity and embraced them. Now those blessed by his blood creep among the shadows, and they shall teach the world to fear the night.

Some evil endures. Before even the elemental lords ruled Arikania, terrible creatures drew upon the power of the land itself to terrorize and dominate mortals. Scion King Goritsi though he had destroyed the last of the, but when he discovered he had not, the embittered and crippled Scion bargained away his humanity for power.

His nation of Telloria fractured into petty, contesting states – ruled by Goritsi’s blooded descendants – that maintained a delicate balance between appeasing and manipulating the evils in the shadows to gain power or simply survive another day. Long considered a superstitious backwater, Telloria has nevertheless developed magic and technologies unique in Arikania.

Now, centuries-long machinations are finally coming to fruition, and Telloria’s septs have begun mobilizing their warriors. War is coming to Arikania such as it has never seen. The night will run red, and the shadows shall feed.


Goritsi Play Style:

Combining the fastest movement in the game with some of the strongest attacks Goritsi prefer hit and run tactics to conventional warfare. Players can employ the blazing speed of the Skorza to flank their enemies while their lethal Zeti hold the line. The terrible Blood Engine consumes the flesh of his enemies to heal his wounds. If you prefer high mobility armies and attacking first, Goritsi is the army for you.


Stat Cards