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Battle Report: House Shael Han vs. House Nasier

Bryan and Dave square off with the Celestial Host of House Shael Han against the ruthless forces of House Nasier!

Wrath of Kings Battle Report – Hadross vs Teknes

Typically we would release Battle reports on New Release Day (which, for May, will occur in a few weeks). We have recently been talking about this schedule and we felt that perhaps you’d like to see them a few days earlier. In this report, Bryan takes his House Hadross force up against Dave running House […]

The April Releases are here!

Click on the image above to go through to the April Releases Intro Video from CMON’s Miniatures Brand Manager, Bryan Steele. It’s that time again, we can finally unleash the New Releases for April. Our apologies for the delay on getting these to you, but our recent warehouse move impacted quite a few things along […]