Gencon is almost here!


We very excited to finally be able to reveal the name of the Wrath Of Kings “Book 2″. At Gencon next week, and then in stores later this month, you’ll be able to get your hands on Wrath Of Kings: Rising Conflicts!

This book takes the place of the previous rulebook, includes all the rules, loads of great new lore that drives forward the story of Arikania, and the rules and background for more than 30 new units!

Additionally you’ll be able to add to your Hadross and Goritsi forces with their new boxed sets: the Shell Crackers and Carcharian Pit Fighters for Hadross, and the Ravener Alpha for Goritsi.

Finally, we’ll have a brand new deck of cards for you. The Wrath Of Kings Book 1 Premium Card Deck contains the unit cards for ALL the Leaders, Infantry, and Specialists from the first Wrath Of Kings book, as well as a handy Defense Chart reference card AND all of the Motivations provided in card form!

So, if you are at Gencon next week, please stop by and say “Hi”, and pick up few new excellent models, cards, or book to add to your Wrath Of Kings collection. If you can’t make it to the show, don’t worry, these should be available in your local store by the end of August.

• Wrath Of Kings: Rising Conflicts – $30

• Wrath Of Kings: Book 1 Premium Card Deck – $20

• Hadross Shell Crackers (2) – $20

• Hadross Carcharian Pit Fighters (12) – $35

• Goritsi Ravener Alpha (1) – $35

(prices are in US dollars)

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