Wrath of Kings Sneak Peek: Pack Master Kozakar


The Wrath of Kings Sneak Peeks continue with a look at the new Pack Master Kozakar for House Goritsi. Kozakar is a skilled huntsman, usually deploying far in advance of allied forces. Utilizing his unique tracking and pathfinding skills, he can lead other Goritsi units across the battlefield further and faster than they ever could alone. Pack Master Kozakar is an imposing presence on the battlefield, as you can see from his art and figure on an 80mm base, which includes his three pets.

Koazakar is a Rank 1 Character Specialist for Goritsi, and while he has a fairly impressive attack in Tear Asunder, his main use is found in his Pathfinder action, which, based on your successful Will Checks, allows other Goritsi models to sprint closer to his location. This, combined with the fact Kozakar has Infiltrate, allowing him to deploy farther across the battlefield than any other model, and you have a devastating combo for speed. He also has the standard Skorza assortment of Skirmisher and Stalker, meaning Kozakar will never be tied down by the enemy, allowing him to stalk the battlefields and summon forth allies to key locations and positions.


Expect Pack Master Kozakar and the other revealed new units (Gorbal, Brutes and Warsmiths) in Q1 of 2016!

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