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Players and Pledgers! Mr. Black here for the Wrath of Kings development team, and we’ve got an update for you! As you know we value player feedback dearly on this project, and since we posted the revamped stat cards for you online myself and my team has been busy analyzing player feedback and further optimizing the cards to YOU, the players, liking. That being said, here are the changes we’ve made:


We’ve been hard at work making sure the Wrath of Kings website is the best it can be and thus we’ve decided to give it a bit of a facelift! Some of these changes are still being sorted out, but if they aren’t live right now they will be rolling out soon:

  • New Home Page
    This will act as your one-stop place for all the latest information on Wrath of Kings! No longer will you need to check Kickstarter, the Wrath of Kings Forum, as well as to be on top of the new goings-on in our game and community! We’re streamlining it all to one convenient place for you, the fanbase!
    Faction Pages 
    We’ve implemented a new drop-down menu for each Faction Page, and updated each with a direct download link to the updated Stat Cards!
  • Download Page
    We’ve consolidated everything here so now you’ve got one place to look for the Rulebook, any rules updates we make, as well as links to all the new PDFs of the Stat Cards!
  • Tutorial Section
    Right now featuring our Big Sister tutorial, expect to see much more content flow into this page as we get faction tactics and basic/advanced gameplay mechanic videos posted!
  • Community
    This handy drop-down menu will provide links to the forum, kickstarter, and anyplace else we set up as a community discussion/information hub for Wrath of Kings.
  • Contact
    This handy form will be used for any and all contact purposes you need to get in touch with us here at CMoN in relation to Wrath of Kings, whether it be comments, questions, or of course player feedback through our ongoing development process!


  • Card Fonts Updated
    So card fonts on games can be tricky- it can be a lot of information to get on a confined area and still keep it readable. Some of you mentioned you’d like to see the fonts be made bigger if possible. Well through some work we managed to get that into reality, so we’ve gone ahead and upped the font on all the cards.
  • Downloadable High-Res PDF Available
    A lot of you requested downloadable PDF versions of the cards. That request (along with some errors with our reader that were making the cards blurry to some users) prompted us to make a nice organized downloadable PDF for each faction. You’ll find them located here: Card PDFs for everyone to download and make use of.
  • Reminder Text Noted On All Cards
    This was a biggie, and was a bit of a challenge, but each card now specifically designates any and all reminder text for special rules and abilities! Looking at the cards you’ll note a “ * “ next to some abilities (abilities that always follow another ability)- this is a notice of reminder text. So now all the cards should be nice and self-contained as to their effects and rules! *Note: The one exception to this are Leader models, who, with their Inspires, Trainings, and various other abilities just take up too much room to post all text, so in this specific case anytime a Leader shares abilities with Infantry (Such as a Deepmen Kaxas and a Deepman Spearman), the abilities they share will be noted on the Kaxas’ card, but their definitions will be found on the Spearman’s card (this also prevents rampant overlap, aka seeing the same definition over and over and over…)



  • Follow-what?
    Some astute players noticed that the definition for Follow-Through has been incorrectly written on various cards (namely Goritsi). This has been rectified!


  • Act with Certainty
    We realized, per the old wording on this ability, it just didn’t so anything in about 90% of scenarios- this was obviously not our intent (we never want to make a useless ability!) so we went and fixed it to trigger when the model is killed while Dueling. Check it out and let us know what you think!
  • Ashmen Hakar
    Some players have vocalized a degree of dislike at the Ashmen Hakar’s Inspire ability. We continued testing on it and after gathering extensive data and stats don’t feel a need to change its overall nature, but we did give it a small bump to its overall usefulness. As a result it now provides Offensive Mastery(+1) as well as all other benefits. Let us know what you think on the forums!
  • Pelegarth and the incredible Shield-Bash
    There was a typo giving the Shield Bash ability an actual attack rating- meaning there was no reason to ever use Sword and Board. This was again a typo and has such been corrected. The ability should be used in place of making an attack, not in addition to.
  • Pelegarth Howl and Elsis’ Being Too Slow
    Players noticed that while Elsis Tagil could make use of the Pelegarth Howl’s Inspire, she actually couldn’t move the distance required to make it effective (the ability forcing the enemy 3” inches away then allowing her to move 2”, leaving her unengaged). The Pelegarth Howl’s Inspire has since been changed to allow poor Elsis (and any later Pelegarth with Knockback) to engage their target)!
  • Longhorn Dyslexia
    The Longhorn was the only card in the game that listed his Special Action before his Attacks. This has been corrected.
  • Greathorn Remembered His Forgotten Abilities
    This was a big mistake on our part, and we apologize, but the Greathorn’s Follow-Through and Sundering were left off his card in his initial release. We’ve corrected that, as well as given a slight boost to his Explosive Conflagration ability, which now has a minimal [1] rate, gaining boosts based on targets (meaning against 1 target the base damage is now [2]).


  • Scourge Hound Follow Me
    Reworded Follow Me to clarify specifically when it can be used.
  • War Dancers Love to Leap
    With the new format for reminder text it should be clear to players about when a War Dancer can use the Leap ability (only during Deadly Flourish).
  • Why Is My Follow-Through Different Than Yours?
    Fixed some typoed Follow-Through wordings so they all correctly replace Blocks on the defense chart.


  • Orsund Cavalier Tentacle Grab
    Reworded this ability to clarify that it does indeed do damage to a target. Also, based on player feedback as well as continued playtesting, we felt the damage output of this ability was just too high for its range. We’ve reduced its overall punch while upping the pull distance to compensate.
  • Torvosh Is Unkillable
    As it was currently written Torvosh the Bannerman’s Survivor ability was making him insanely hard to take down, way more than he had any right to be. We’ve lowered the amount of Will Checks he gets to make to succeed from (2) to (1). We feel this still gives him a good chance to survive, but not the almost-guarantee that the old version did.
  • Torvosh Makes You Hate Resonate
    There were just too many wonky timing issues with Torvosh giving Resonate that specifically only lasted to the end of the round… We’ve sidestepped this entire issue by just making him give Resonate out to anyone who begins or moves into his aura, period. We felt that, while this was a powerful ability, it was forcing a player to give up the attacks of a Rank 2 Leader, as well as being dependent on other models making use of it. Tell us your experiences with this change!
  • Oorath Kills Everyone
    Clarified that Oorath’s Stinging Field aura cannot reduce an enemy to [0] rate.
  • Gelatinous Shifts And You
    Reworded Gelatinous Shift (found on the Sevridan) to be a bit clearer in its intent, as it was creating some confusion amongst players.


  • Galvanic Defender’s Infinite Aura
    Specified that the Galvanic Defender’s Aura is 6”, rather than leaving it open for debate. Our mistake!
  • The Zaalak Hates Your Leaders
    Fixed the wording on Zaalak’s Abomination ability so it only affects enemy command values.
  • Make That Bacon Sizzle
    Changing Pain Fueled to Make That Bacon Sizzle (Nice try. I’m not sure who tried this but no, this is NOT happening. –Mr. Black)
    So after extensive player feedback a lot of you felt we nerfed the Union Workers too hard. Again through continued playtesting and feedback we heard your comments and we’ve revisited them. We saw that, while utilitarian in nature, the Union Workers just felt a bit… Flat… On the tabletop, so we revamped the entire “Union Worker” branch of Teknes with some modifications and updates, which we hope make them a bit more flavorful and dynamic:
  • Union Workers lost their second Over result, upping their survivability (and thus likeliness to actually be able to use Pain Fueled).
  • Pain Fueled now gives +1 Mobility as well as the Unstoppable(1) ability.
  • Union Boss now has the Whip Into Frenzy ability, allowing him to control just when and where a select amount of Union Workers will go crazy and gain the full benefits of Pain Fueled
  • Reworded his Inspire to be a bit more useful- now it triggers off of being in contact with a friendly model, rather than two models attacking the same target. Buddy up!
  • The Ironward’s Primal Surge ability has been altered, now allowing all models with Pain Fueled to move up to 2” and heal 1 damage- through this we hope to press the fact the Teknes leaders are not super combat machines, but buff all the troops around them.
  • Reworded his Inspire just as we did the Union Bosses’, allowing it to trigger more often.
  • Not a fix, but just a note that, due to the change in removing the Union Worker’s second Over result, The Ironward’s Unbreakable(1) ability just became more terrifying, fully removing any Over results from the 2 wound Union Workers!


  • Hammer of Heaven’s Enchanted Spiked Chain
    Fixed a typo where Enchanted had the text for Swinging Chain. Enchanted now correctly turns melee/ranged attacks into Magic attacks.
  • Deathbloom’s Blessing Is Confusing?
    Reworded the Deathbloom’s Blessing of the Celestial Winds to clarify exactly when the attack triggers.

  • Dragon Legion Keeper Knows What Guard Does
    Defined Guard(x) on the Dragon Legion Keeper’s card. No more guessing at what this mystical artform does!
  • Fulung Devourer. Infinite Power.. Tiny Tiny Base?
    Fulung has originally been posted as a Rank 3 Specialist on a 30mm Base… This is grossly incorrect! He has been correctly returned to Rank 2 and given an 80mm base.
  • Big Sister Is Terror Incarnate
    Fixed the issue with the Big Sister so her attack abilities are now correctly listed under which attack has them, rather than all of them sharing them. That was a scary week to play against her!
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