The Colors of Arikania – Shael Han

Colors of Arikania is an irregular series of articles designed to help you get your Wrath Of Kings miniatures painted quickly and well and boost the look of your forces on the tabletop. We’ll start by covering the key colors associated with each Faction.

House Shael Han – Dragon Legion & Wrath – painted by Dave Taylor


For House Shael Han, we determined that the three main colors for our basic force would be:

• Pale Flesh – The very pale flesh color of the Wrath is important to capture.
• Red – Red is a very vibrant color that appears on many Shael Han models.
• Gold – A perfect compliment to the red and black found on many models.


As the Shael Han models were awaiting a lot of light and bright colors, I decided on a black spray primer first, followed by a white primer sprayed from above.

Throughout this article we’ll refer to various paint colors. For this article they are all from the Army Painter range of colors, as noted by the prefix AP.

Shael Han Pale Flesh


Step One – Basecoat Wrath’s skin with AP Barbarian Flesh.
Step Two – Highlight with a 1:2 mix of AP Barbarian Flesh and AP Brainmatter Beige
Step Three – Highlight with a 1:1 mix of AP Brainmatter Beige and AP Matt White

Shael Han Red


Step One – Basecoat the pants with AP Dragon Red.
Step Two – Shade with the AP Strong Tone.
Step Three – Highlight with AP Pure Red (this may require two or three thin coats).

Shael Han Gold


Step One – Basecoat the cloth with AP Greedy Gold
Step Two – Shade with a AP Strong Tone
Step Three – Highlight with a 2:1 mix of AP Greedy Gold and AP Plate Mail Metal

Completing the Shael Han Infantry


All that remained was to finish off the details (accessories, weapons, uniforms etc) and complete the base of the models. For these bases I simply used the Tau Ceti bases from the Micro Arts Studios range, found HERE.

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