Arkazan Greatwing Preview


In Wrath of Kings, Resilience can very much mean the difference between keeping a figure on the field and having them taken off as a casualty. Sure, there are your wounds backing you up, but if you’ve got a good Resilience score, you might never have to worry about taking a wound. Well, in any good arms race, if there’s a good defense, there’s going to be an offense created to try and crack it. That’s where the Arkazan Greatwing comes in. It’s also what we get a preview of today.

The Greatwing is a Specialist for House Nasier, so you won’t be getting a lot of them on the field. However, they’re pretty good at doing one thing: doing wounds to high-resilience enemies. With their Slayer’s Blades, they reduce enemy Resilience by 1 (to a minimum of 1). It’s only a 2-die attack, but teamed up with Unstoppable, there’s a good chance the attack will do some damage. And with his Wing Buffet ability, he’ll be able to move around freely on the board, not being tied up by enemies that aren’t pretty big in size.

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