The Colors of Arikania – Goritsi

Colors of Arikania is an irregular series of articles designed to help you get your Wrath Of Kings miniatures painted quickly and well and boost the look of your forces on the tabletop. We’ll start to covering the three key colors associated with each Faction.

House Goritsi – Skorza & Wardancer – painted by Dave Taylor


For House Goritsi, we determined that the three main colors for our basic force would be:

• Grey – primarily for the skin/fur of the Skorza warriors.
• Polished Steel – the Goritsi take a lot of pride in keeping their killing blades clean and sharp.
• Purple – A deep, rich purple is often associated with nobility and dark horrors, perfect for the Vampiric warriors of House Goritsi

To help understand where the highlights and shadows would fall on the models, I first primed them all over with a black primer. Once that was dry, I sprayed the models with a white primer from a raised angle (about 30 degrees) to create shaded areas on the model.

Throughout this article we’ll refer to various paint colors from both the Vallejo and Army Painter ranges. These are typically available from your FLGS, or through our webstore. You’ll be able to recognize these by the prefix we use: VMC – Vallejo Model Color, VGC – Vallejo Game Color, VMA – Vallejo Model Air, AP – Army Painter.

Skorza Fur


Step One – Wash with a thinned VMC Basalt Grey
Step Two – Wash with AP Strong Tone
Step Three – Highlight with VMC Basalt Grey
Step Four – Highlight with VMC Light Grey

Weapons and Armor


Step One – Paint all the areas that aren’t fur with VMC Black then basecoat the metal with AP Gun Metal
Step Two – Wash with a thinned 1:1 mix of AP Dark Tone and AP Blue Tone
Step Three – Highlight with AP Gun Metal
Step Four – Highlight with VMA Aluminium

Wardancer Purple


Step One – I gave the model a zenithal prime, like the Skorza Skirmisher
Step Two – Basecoat with VGC Hexed Lichen
Step Three – Highlight with a 2:1 mix of VGC Hexed Lichen and VMC Pale Sand
Step Four – Shade with thinned AP Dark Tone

Completing the Goritsi Infantry


All that remained was to finish off the details (gold, wrappings, weapon hafts, etc) and complete the base of the models. These bases are from the Planking sets from the Micro Arts Base System.







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