Neritic Horror Sneak Peek


Welcome, Arikanians, to another Wrath of Kings Sneak Peek. This week the Neritic Horror emerges for House Hadross. Comprised of an entire living ecosystem, magically empowered by the Deep Voices, the Neritic Horror reigns destruction on the enemies of Hadross. Its terrible presence weakening the resolve of both Troops and Leaders alike! Stare upon its terrible visage:


But what does it do you ask? You know, besides sit there and look horrifying on the tabletop. Here are some points of interest for the Neritic Horor. It is a Rank 1 Specialist unit that is Aura/Control oriented. It sits on a 80mm base, which is an important fact taking in to consideration the Auro-effects mentioned. Enemies don’t enjoy the site of this monster, so their Leadership Values and Willpower are reduced significantly. And to make up for its mediocre Defense Chart, the Neritic Horror heals itself when it kills. Here’s a full look at its stat cards:


You’ve seen the Neritic Horror’s art, you’ve read his stat cards, and now we’ve come to the miniature! Here it is, towering over an 80mm base and sure to strike terror into the hearts of your enemies. Oh, we forgot to mention the Neritic Horror also comes in two sculpts! Here they are:

That does it for this Wrath of Kings Sneak Peek of Hadross’ new Neritic Horror. Head over the the official Facebook page and let us know what you think!

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