Massive Updates [Stat Cards, Motivations, and More!]

Players! As you know, Wrath of Kings: Rising Conflicts will be releasing soon- so to get everyone pumped up, we’ve done some major updates across our files!

•All Stat Card Files have been updated to include all units appearing in Rising Conflicts!
•All existing cards (aka Book 1) have been updated to the versions appearing in the Premium Card Set (unless noted in the errata section, the only thing that changed was font size).


•Rules File has been updated to mirror the one found in Rising Conflicts.
•Note that aside from Toggle (covered in the ERRATA section of this post) section, no Core Rules were modified- Merely some verbiage changes to clarify some points.


•Motivations have been updated for Rising Conflicts. In addition, we have uploaded the Motivation Cards (also appearing in the Premium Card Set 1) to the site.
•Note that many Motivations received minor changes, and some were removed and replaced entirely, so be sure to check with the Motivation Cards Document, the Rules document, or your own copy of Rising Conflicts!


•Game Size document was updated. No structure changes, just some clarified text, and renaming of “Intro” size game to “Patrol”.


•With the release of Rising Conflicts, some units have been tweaked from their original versions for the purposes of game balance and flow. We will give a rundown of changes by faction:

Knockback(x) has been modified to now force enemies directly away from the model causing Knockback.
Toggle abilities have been changed in regards to how they work.

“Some models possess ongoing abilities or auras that
require them to perform an action for the power to become
active. These are called toggle actions. Most toggle actions
do not require a roll to activate. Once the toggle action has
been performed, the ability becomes active. Toggle effects
remain in play until the beginning of that model’s next

•No Nasier units received specific modifications or erratas at this time.

•With Rising Conflicts, the Resonate mechanic has received an overhaul in how it functions. This change affected nearly every model in the faction. as a result, a faction-wide re-balance took place. Each existing unit in Hadross has been modified. Please see the Stat Card link above.
•While most units in Hadross received modification due to Resonate changes, Carcharian Frenzies, Chargers, and Gar, the Gladiator received major revamps to streamline their play-style and role in the army. Again, please see Stat Card link above.

Brief Summary: The Carcharians now have access to the Pain Fueled special ability, gaining increased stats, as well as applying Resonate, when damaged-but-not-killed. In addition, their attacks have been combined into one new “Feeding Frenzy” attack that heals upon killing an enemy.

•No Teknes units received specific modifications or erratas at this time.

•Range of melee attack on The Wrath has been increased to 2″
•Due to the above, The Warchild received an overhaul in abilities, including Command abilities.
•Due to under-performance issues, the Iron lotus Warriors, Black Lotus, and Madam Mui have been overhauled. Please see the Stat Card link above.

Brief Summary: Originally the Iron Lotus’ just didn’t have enough going for them- out-shined by either The Dragon Legion or The Children in most aspects.The Iron Lotus’ now specialize in single target destruction. Their melee attack has gained a 2″ range and now may re-roll all dice when targeting single enemies. In addition, the unit is now completely immune to Will Attacks. Finally, the Black Lotus now gives them the option to gain an additional [+1]Rate to their attacks (for a potential of 2 re-rollable dice). Finally, the Insight of the Black Lotus means that, upon rolling an Overpower result (with your potentially 2 re-rollable dice, remember!) you can force a Magic Attack on yet another enemy.

•No Goritsi units received specific modifications or erratas at this time.

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