Honor and Treachery: Battle of Ravenwood Two-Player Starter Set Now Available


Wrath of Kings was introduced to the tabletop gaming world in early 2015. The game has steadily grown to become a major competitor in the table top wargaming market, featuring 5 different factions for players to choose from. Today, we introduce players to the new Honor and Treachery: Battle of Ravenwood Two Player Starter Box.


Honor and Treachery: Battle of Ravenwood includes models for the Goritsi and Nasier factions, a quick start rule set, terrain templates, and unit cards. The 2-Player starter was designed as an inexpensive way for players to begin playing Wrath of Kings, learn the rules, and start building their own forces.

Find a friend and head to your friendly local game store to pick up the new Wrath of Kings starter set today!

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